Here’s what writers are saying about this book!

“I’m on Chapter 11 of your book. I love it! You have changed my whole approach to writing for children. By the end of Chapter 2, I started to try your methods. I landed a book contract that same week using your strategies! My whole critique group is buying your book now. I think you may be pioneering a new era. Thank you so much.”

I tried your piggyback writing technique by sending a query to a favorite children’s series suggesting topics for the ‘hole’ in their series. Within two hours of clicking send, I received a reply with tips from the editor on a successful proposal and her comment “your ideas sound great.” Thank you so much for helping me emerge from that dark box. Happy New Year!!! They requested proposals for all FIVE of my suggestions (I’m so excited). Luckily I had one already prepared and emailed it off to them as requested…now to finalize the others. Thank you again for your marvelous encouragement and help to make the leap.

Guess what? I have been following your advice and querying editors about different ideas, asking if they are interested in seeing a proposal and sample chapters. Well, I just had an editor say “yes, send me the proposal and chapters.” I’m thrilled!

I remember the first time I heard your first teleclass and I was absolutely nowhere in my writing life–by following your Triple Crown of Success, I have excelled and done quite well. Thank you!!!!

I’ve learned more from your book (and I’m only on page 127) than I’ve learned searching the entire Internet!

“Thanks to you & your book, Yes You Can, I now have 2 national magazine articles scheduled for printing!”

“I recently learned that a friend from my church is a certified life coach. I had a meeting with her last week and she is going to help me with my goals and a timeline. Now that I have read about the Triple Crown and the Writer’s Pyramid in your book, I can incorporate that strategy as I work on my goals. I like how you have broken it down into specific things to do each day and each week. I have so many projects I want to work on, and I couldn’t figure out how much time to give each one. THANK YOU!! I am really excited about how your strategies will change my outlook on my craft.”

“I am almost finished with your book, Yes! You Can and absolutely love it! Great information!!”

“You know how you put those little boosters at the beginning and the end of each section…read on to see how to do it…and you can then reach for the stars…and ‘I’ll show you how’? It is amazing how much they really help me to keep going through the book, and to not give up.”

“Your Yes! You Can book has inspired me
to KEEP pressing forward. Using your goal-setting approach and Triple Crown idea, I now have several articles that will be published in various magazines this year.”

Thank you for writing such a detailed, organized, and understandable book. I find myself reading this book in some of the most interesting places. The car-pool lane is one of them and I got honked at the other day for not moving up in line fast enough.Your book was just too good to pay attention!!

I am using your book as my writing bible:) and yes, I can write children’s books, thanks to you. It is such a help and I am learning daily.

I have also managed to become published in a local newspaper. The tips you have offered in your self-help book for children’s writers has really directed me well in advancing my writing.

This is my bible of sorts.
Nancy shares with what worked for her to create her ultra successful writing career. It’s broken down to simple tasks that are doable for any reader.

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