This is a page dedicated to YOU and children’s writers everywhere! As writers, we love to have fun. How do I know? ‘Cause we love to write for kids!

So here on this page, if you’re having fun as a children’s writer while using my book, Yes! You Can, post a comment and let us all know about it! And if you’ve been having extra special fun and have created a visual or prop to use based on my book, e-mail me the jpg file of a picture of it and I’ll post it here on this page. You can e-mail me at

Let the fun times roll!



Check out this funtabulous fuchsia Writer’s Pyramid that Karen Milam made! Karen keeps it propped on her desk to help her focus. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Editor's hat HPIM5551

And here’s a picture of my Editor’s Hat that I made. It helps me get to work with a smile when I just don’t feel like self-editing another word!


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