Schedule a Virtual Author Visit with Your Critique Group or Writers’ Group
Author Nancy I. Sanders would be delighted to speak at your writer’s group or event via Skype. All it takes for a small group is one member who has a laptop and a connection to Skype. A large group needs Skype and a connection from their laptop to a big screen.

Find out how you can schedule a Virtual Visit for your writer’s group with Nancy at Virtual Visit Zone.

Schedule an Author’s Visit with Your School or Classroom
Kids get excited when they can meet an author and learn more about the story behind the book. Here are some basics about scheduling author Nancy I. Sanders to visit your school or classroom.

Skype Visit: $300
I will do a 15-minute virtual presentation for your students along with 15 minutes Q and A.

In Person Visit: $750
For one full day at your school, during my visit I can do:
• 2 assemblies
• 2-3 classroom or library visits
• lunch or after-school visit with a small group of students
• a time for signing/autographing my book(s) students have purchased

If you choose to have me visit two schools on the same day that are near to each other, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, at each school I can do:
• 1 assembly
• 1 classroom or library visit
• meet with one small group of students
• a time for signing/autographing my book(s) students have purchased

My interactive 45-minute assembly works for all ages in elementary school and consists of:
• 15 minutes: Featuring one or two of my books (your choice)
• 15 minutes: How a book is made
• 15 minutes: Q and A

My classroom or library visit consists of a fun writing exercise to teach students more about the process of writing. This works best for fourth grade or older.

My small group meeting consists of making an instant book with the kids on how they can become a writer as they grow up and choose their career. This works best with a writing club you might have or students chosen to join us because of their interest in books and writing.

Please note: If your school is farther than 1 hour away from Chino, CA, I may also request travel and hotel accommodations for two (I always do in-person visits together with my husband Jeff, an elementary teacher.) Fighting the traffic before and after school visits simply doesn’t work.

For more details about author visits, please contact me at